About Liposuction Plastic Surgery

About Liposuction Plastic Surgery | New Haven | Westport | FairfieldAccording to the ASPS figures, liposuction currently ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US after breast augmentation. The procedure can be performed independently or in conjunction with other surgeries. Patients with stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of the body can effectively achieve enhanced contours with liposuction surgery.

However, traditional liposuction can be a significantly invasive surgery, which makes many patients reluctant to choose the procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir offers a unique, less invasive approach to liposuction called SlimLipo, which meets the patient’s cosmetic goals in a simpler, gentler manner. Dr. Nasir provides this procedure to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding communities.

Dedicated SlimLipo Center

Dr. Nasir’s practice has a dedicated SlimLipo Center that is equipped to provide this innovative, laser assisted liposuction, which makes the procedure more targeted and precise, while being less invasive than traditional liposuction plastic surgery. SlimLipo Center is a designated liposuction center in Connecticut, and is managed by a top professional team who offer customized liposuction procedures in a state of the art surgical environment.

Areas Treated

With its minimally invasive laser treatment approach, SlimLipo can treat unwanted fat pockets in various parts of the body. A SlimLipo treatment expert can sculpt areas such as the breasts, arms, chin, neck, abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, buttocks, pubis, ankles, and knees. Men suffering from gynecomastia or male breasts can also achieve successful fat reduction with this technique.

Fat reduction outcomes with SlimLipo are permanent, which means the targeted fat cells once removed will be gone for good. The popularity of this FDA approved procedure has growth because it can be performed using only local anesthesia, and involves only minimal discomfort and downtime.

Advantages over Traditional Liposuction

The advantages of SlimLipo over traditional liposuction surgery include the following:

  • The procedure can be performed in-office, avoiding the need for hospitalization.
  • The procedure does not involve general anesthesia, and the patient can stay awake during the procedure if they want to.
  • Minimal downtime is involved in SlimLipo, and the patients can expect to go back to their normal routine in about one to three days.
  • The procedure is significantly more affordable than traditional liposuction due to avoidance of general anesthesia and surgical facility.
  • Bruising and swelling is considerably lower, ensuring quicker long-term recovery.
  • Risk factors in SlimLipo are significantly lower than in traditional liposuction.

How does it Work?

SlimLipo involves the use of high precision laser technology to create desirable results in a minimally invasive way. The laser energy is delivered to the affected areas to liquefy the stubborn fat tissue. This makes it easier to remove the fat tissue selectively with a medical suction device.

Laser wavelengths penetrate into the deeper skin layers without causing harm to the outer healthy tissue. Incisions involved in the procedure very small, and require no suturing. Profound cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas for SlimLipo body contouring.

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