Brazilian Butt Lift

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                 “My friend and I decided to have liposuction and a BBL (Brazilian Butt lift) with fat transfer. We researched surgeons for approximately one year. This is when we found Dr Nasir at Lotus Cosmetic Surgery. We are both in the medical field so we researched Dr Nasir extensively. We were both impressed by his extensive medical background and his humanitarianism. We made the the appointments for the consultation. Even from the first conversation we were at ease and confident with our decision. From the first phone call to the second follow up post op appointment Dr. Nasir, Victoria, and Stefanie were caring, concerned, and attentive while maintaining professional and efficient standards of care. They made our surgery and the aftercare as comfortable as they possibly could. We are already planning a few more procedures with Dr Nasir in the very near future.”

— M.C., age 45 and M.C., age 51
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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery | Plastic Surgery | New Haven | WestportAt the Slim Start Lipo Center, we specialize in and have performed a large number of liposuction and fat transfer procedures using only state-of-the-art technology. We are one of the leading centers for liposuction and fat transfer in Connecticut.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a body-contouring procedure which involves liposuction and the transfer of fat which can correct sagging, asymmetrical, or flat buttocks and create a curvaceous and more full appearance. This procedure not only augments the buttocks, but redistributes fat from other areas of the body to create a more proportionate figure and slimmed down waist.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery involves the use liposuction to harvest fat from one area of the body, and redistribute it to the buttock region to help add volume. Surgical time varies per patient depending on the extent of liposuction required to achieve the desired look and to fill the buttocks.

The fat is processed and purified after it is harvested and before it is injected into the buttocks or desired area. The fat is injected through very small incisions in the buttocks resulting in several tiny scars that are hidden in skin creases. Sometimes the process needs to be repeated for best results.

Our experienced staff works closely with all of our patients to walk them through the procedures before and during surgery and they are available if there are any issues or questions after the procedure.


After Brazilian Butt Lift surgery there are some activity restrictions for a brief period of time and sometimes special compression garments need to be worn postoperatively. Sitting is possible immediately postoperatively with some postural adjustments that our staff will discuss with you during your consultation.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery procedures to patients in Westport, Fairfield, New Haven, and surrounding areas. If you would like more information on Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, please contact us today by completing our online form, or at (203) 221-5809 to schedule your consultation.

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