Choosing the Best Facelift Plastic Surgeon You can Trust

Choosing the Best Facelift Plastic Surgeon You can Trust | WestportYour face is aesthetically the most vital part of the body. Therefore, any major cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the face, such as facelift, should ideally be performed by a fully trained, experienced, and certified surgeon.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommends that patients should choose the best surgeon for their needs, and other considerations should be secondary.

A dedicated surgeon will keep the patient’s health and cosmetic goals as the top priority and every decision would be centered on these paramount commitments. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides facelift surgery to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding locations and cities in this part of this state.


Credentials of Dr. Nasir

Dr. Nasir is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). He has completed advanced fellowship training in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery from Boston University. He completed his MD from the University of Kansas, and was among the select group of doctors chose for a coveted six-year integrated residency in plastic surgery.

Dr. Nasir has served as Assistant Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Upstate, NY and at UConn Health in Farmington, CT where he helped to train the next generation of plastic surgeons and general surgeons. He is currently fully devoted to improving the lives of his patients at his private practice using his advanced skills and experience in cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgery.


Why Choose an ABPS Certified Surgeon?

The American Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS is the country’s most prestigious and authoritative board in the field of plastic surgery. A rigorous selection process is followed before a surgeon is awarded this board certification. For the patients, it serves as an automatic assurance that the ABPS certified surgeon would have undergone certain minimum number of years of training in plastic surgery, and would have the right skill set and expertise.

ABPS board certified plastic surgeons typically invest in the highest quality standards and best practices, adopt cutting edge technology and surgical techniques, pursue continuing education, and follow the latest safety protocols. As a result, they are usually able to achieve highly successful and desirable outcomes for their patients in every procedure, including facelift surgery.


Personal Rapport with the Patient

The kind of relationship that is developed between the surgeon and the patient will contribute in a significant way to the final outcomes in facelift surgery. The patient should choose a surgeon who has a caring and reassuring demeanor, and an accessible and warm approach to all patients.

A personal rapport and a natural connect with the surgeon will encourage the patient to share their intrinsic cosmetic needs and concerns, and enable the surgeon to provide more customized solutions. The surgeon should have a commitment to provide personalized care and attention to every patient, and should carefully listen to their doubts and concerns at every stage.

Golden and judicious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas for facelift surgery and various other cosmetic procedures. To learn more about plastic surgery procedures and non-invasive treatments performed by Dr. Nasir at Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut click here to contact us or call (203) 221-1919.

Dr. Nasir is a Cosmetic Surgeon in Fairfield County serving the towns of Westport and Fairfield locally as well as surrounding communities. We also serve patients from all over Connecticut, regionally, including many from New York City, as as well as international patients.

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