Choosing the Best Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut | WestportFat transfer breast augmentation is an innovative cosmetic surgery procedure to increase the breast size without using implants.

It is critical for a patient to choose the right surgeon who is already using fat transfer technique for breast augmentation and has the necessary training and expertise to create the same aesthetic and sustainable results with fat transfer as with the implants.  

Dr. Amir Nasir is a fantastic and reliable board certified plastic surgeon providing fat transfer breast augmentation and various other procedures. Dr. Nasir employs cutting edge techniques to harvest, treat and transfer fat for safe and desirable cosmetic outcomes. He provides this procedure to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding communities.  


Advanced Technique by Dr. Nasir

Before selecting the surgeon for fat transfer breast augmentation plastic surgery, the patient should check what type of surgical technique they are using for fat transfer and what may be its pros and cons. Dr. Nasir currently uses PureGraft technique, which allows for fat harvesting, processing and delivery without any exposure to air.

This proven technique has the advantage of increasing the survival of the transferred fat. This allows for more targeted volume transfer and better sculpted results. Dr. Nasir performs this procedure using only local anesthesia with oral sedation. The entire procedure can be completed in about one hour. This eliminates the risks and discomfort associated with general anesthesia.

The overall procedure is less invasive compared to traditional breast implants. Recovery is faster and the patient can expect to resume lower body exercises in 48 hours. However, upper body workouts must be avoided for two weeks. The patient can shower in 24 hours after the surgery. She will be required to wear a support bra for two weeks as well as a compression garment at the donor site.


ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Patients should ideally choose a plastic surgeon with board certification from the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). ABPS is the most authoritative board, which follows a rigorous certification process and only certifies a few surgeons in the US every year.

ABPS board certified plastic surgeon would have undergone a certain minimum number of years of training in general surgery, including at least two years of specialized training plastic surgery. This serves as an automatic assurance for the patient about the surgeon’s training levels.

Committed and percipient ABPS board certified plastic surgeons typically invest in high quality standards and best practices, adopt the latest surgical techniques and technology, pursue continuing education and follow the current safety protocols. All these aspects vitally contribute to the final outcome in an advanced procedure such as fat transfer breast augmentation.


Combining Art and Science

Dr. Nasir believes that breast augmentation is not just about increasing the breast size, but also about creating a desirable shape of the breasts, and making them proportionate to the rest of the body. He will apply the principles of science to create outcomes that are safe, healthy and sustainable in the long run.

At the same time, he uses his sense of art and aesthetics to produce aesthetically superior and natural looking results. Experienced and impressive cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and other cities and suburbs in this part of the Atlantic area in the US.

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Dr. Nasir is a Cosmetic Surgeon in Fairfield County serving the towns of Westport, Fairfield, Bridgeport, New Haven, Connecticut, New York City, other surrounding communities, as as well as international patients.

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