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Our Westport-based plastic surgeons in Westport have over 40 years of experience in plastic surgery and have performed hundreds if not thousands of facelift and cosmetic procedures. They constantly strive to revise and improve their facelift techniques combining the latest innovations with tried and true techniques that have stood the test of time.

We have an experienced staff of professionals who will make your experience safe, pleasant, and comfortable.

Our three dimensional facelift procedure can sometimes be combined with other procedures such as a neck lift, chemical peels, or injectables for a more polished look. Every patient is different and our surgeons will tailor your procedure to your anatomy and goals.

Why get a facelift?

As we age, we tend to lose facial volume, cheeks tend to look like they are sagging, and we develop wrinkles and creases over our faces and necks. This can make us look tired, worn, and older than we feel. A facelift can help us turn back the clock and restore facial anatomic structures to their more natural and youthful positions. Combined with other procedures and good skin care, the results can be dramatic and long lasting.*

Facelift surgery can improve the following signs of aging:

  • loose skin in the lower face
  • sagging of the mid-face
  • deep creases commonly known as “laugh lines”
  • loss of volume
  • excess skin in the face and neck

Facelift Procedure

In most patients, facelift procedures are performed under local anesthesia in several hours without an overnight hospital stay. They are seen the next day in the office when dressings are changed. Surgical time varies depending on the combination of procedures preformed and the extent of surgery required to achieve your aesthetic goals. Incisions are discreetly located in the contour between the ear and face and sometimes into the hairline and under the chin.

Facelift Recovery

Patients should expect a few weeks of bruising and swelling following facelift surgery. Many patients are unable to do a great deal for several days after surgery, so it is extremely important to have a bedside prepared and aftercare planned. Thin drains may be placed to assist in the removal of excess fluid, and are removed during post-operative appointments.

Patients may resume moderate to light activities after one week. Results are fully visible after swelling has subsided*

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides Facelift cosmetic surgery to patients in Westport, Fairfield, New Haven, and surrounding areas. If you would like more information on Facelift surgery, please contact us today by completing our online form, or at (203) 221-5809 to schedule your consultation.

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