Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery | Fairfield | WestportFat transfer breast augmentation procedure is aimed at enhancing the breast size without involving saline or silicone implants. At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about different aspects of this cosmetic surgery procedure, and may also present fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photographs before the patient.

The first concern of a responsible surgeon will be to carefully explain the difference between breast implants and fat transfer breast enhancement, and help the patient make an informed choice. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides fat transfer breast augmentation to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding communities and cities in this part of the Atlantic northeast.


What are Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of fat transfer breast augmentation plastic surgery refer to a set of pictures belonging to an earlier patient who has received the same surgery with a satisfactory outcome. The set includes images taken before the surgery and after the surgery at a time when the post-op bruising and swelling has disappeared and full effects of the procedure can be seen.

The surgeon will take care to ensure that the photographs are acquired only after obtaining the clear consent of the patient, and are presented before new patients in a discreet manner. The patient’s identity may be kept undisclosed as per the established protocol.

The surgeon’s sole purpose behind this exercise is to utilize these photos as a visual tool to explain the potential effectiveness of fat transfer breast augmentation to new patients.

Now this will be mentioned below but the real factor here is digital technology. They say a picture speaks a thousand words well a digital picture must speak about five thousand words. The clarity of these pictures are amazing and they are so readily available. All you need to have is the Internet and you can see these pictures without anyone else knowing. You can see these pictures from anywhere where you can get online and this day and age that can be pretty much any place.



Many women may not have a clear idea of how far fat transfer breast augmentation can help to meet their personal aesthetic goals, and whether the results will be similar to that of a breast implant surgery. Some women may have more donor fat available to create significantly larger breasts, while some others may only have limited fat availability to make subtle improvements.

In each case, the patient will be in a better position to make the right decisions when she has access to fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photos. Profound and judicious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


Staying Realistic

It is vital for a patient to be realistic about the potential size enhancement of breasts when using fat transfer technique. Only a part of the donor fat can be utilized to increase the breast size, and no implants are involved in this process.

An experienced surgeon will prefer to show fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photos at the very outset so that the patient knows what to expect and what not to expect from this procedure. This will enable the patient to appreciate the results in a better way and minimize the possibility of any disappointment.


Online Photographs

The surgeon has an option to provide fat transfer breast augmentation photos via their practice website. New patients can conveniently access the photos online and then choose if they want to have a personal consultation at the surgeon’s office.

Now these consultations are much different than before since the patient most likely has already seen the website photographs and applied what they say to their own body. This means they are already in the know. This lessons the anxiety. The meeting is still vital but more semantics than before. The Internet has allowed everyone to have more information than ever before and the plastic surgery community, and certainly Dr. Nasir, has embraced this.

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