How much does Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Cost?

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Cost | Westport | Bridgeport | New HavenBreast lift cosmetic surgery costs are affected by a number of factors. Some of the key cost components include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia costs, surgical room expenses and other pre- and post-operative costs. Patients should ideally select a fully trained and experienced surgeon for breast lift, overriding other considerations.

It is vital to know that the sticker price of a breast lift, in most cases, is not covered by insurance. Therefore, a patient should frankly talk about the cost and financing aspects with the surgeon during the pre-op consultation.

Dr. Amir Nasir of Lotus Cosmetic Surgery is a remarkable, perspicacious, and board certified plastic surgeon providing breast lift to patients in New Haven, Westport, Fairfield County, Fairfield, Bridgeport, CT, New York, and other areas.


Extent of Surgery

Patients should have a clear idea of the various direct and indirect costs that may be associated with breast lift plastic surgery before they make a decision. In part, the price will depend on how extensive and complex the surgery is. If the patient’s breasts are oversized or have a significant degree of sagging, the surgery may be relatively longer and more expensive. The surgeon will explain what kind of surgical technique may be used in their case.


Surgical Facility

If the surgeon recommends that the breast lift should be performed at a hospital rather than an accredited surgical center or a private operating suite, the sticker price is likely to be higher. While breast lift is usually performed as an outpatient surgery, in some cases an overnight hospital stay may be needed. This will add to the overall dollar figure. Whether anesthesia is performed by an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist will also affect the monetary amount because their fee will differ.


Combining with Other Procedures

Some patients may choose to have mastopexy in conjunction with another procedure such as breast implants. The overall cost will go up in such case. However, the benefit in a combined surgery is that the overall procedure becomes more cost-effective in comparison to a situation where both procedures are performed separately.

When breast lift is performed together with other procedures, the costs of anesthesia, surgical facility expenses, and post-op recovery costs often remain the same as in case of an independent surgery. Some women may combine breast lift with body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck or liposuction, which also makes the overall procedure more cost-effective.



In most cases, the insurance provider will not cover the costs of breast lift because it is an elective surgery. But in an exceptional situation, if heavily drooping breasts are causing physical discomfort or hampering the performance of daily activities, the insurer may cover full or part of the price tag of the procedure. The surgeon’s office may provide the necessary supporting paperwork in such cases.



Lack of ready funds to pay for the surgery should not prevent a patient from receiving a breast lift. Third party medical financing companies can help a patient fund an elective surgical procedure such as breast lift. Terrific and sagacious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, Fairfield County, Fairfield, Bridgeport, CT, New York, and other suburbs and neighborhoods in this part of the northeast for a breast lift.

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