Is Breast Reduction Right for You?


Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, is intended to reduce the size of overly-large breasts, so that they are proportional to the rest of the body. Breasts that are too large or uneven can be distressing and physically uncomfortable for some women. This procedure can be accomplished with liposuction, or it can be extensively surgical. It can also be coupled with a breast lift for best results. Dr. Amir Nasir and Lotus Cosmetic Surgery offer breast reductions to Connecticut and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits?

Any woman who suffers from back, neck, or shoulder pain from overly large breasts can greatly benefit from this procedure. A large amount of weight on the chest can impair breathing over time and cause unhealthy posture. Breast lift procedures allow for exercise and athletic activity that might otherwise not be available to women with large breasts. Candidates might also find a wider selection of clothing and bras available and at a lower cost.

Who is a candidate?

Women who notice physical pain and impairments from large breasts are good candidates for breast reductions. Candidates must be in good health, have fully-developed breasts, and have no further plans for pregnancy or nursing.

What happens during the procedure?

Dr. Nasir will determine what type of incision and procedure is best for each candidate during a consultation, as well as provide instructions for healing and recovery. Excess breast tissue, fat, and skin is removed, and the nipple and areola are repositioned according to the desired results. The procedure might be coupled with liposuction to contour around the breast and under the arm.

What is recovery like?

Recovery time from a breast reduction can be a minimum of six weeks, with expected bed rest and limited physical activity. Pain medications will be prescribed to help manage any discomfort and, while exercise and strenuous activity are prohibited, some movement and light walking is recommended in order to prevent clotting and swelling. It’s very important to follow any instructions given by Dr. Nasir so that the healing process is quick and uninterrupted.

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