New Site Launch

Lotus Cosmetic Surgery, a boutique plastic surgery practice located on the Gold Coast of Connecticut in Fairfield County, has launched its new website called The website includes current and relevant information about a wide range of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures, and is designed to serve as a patient-friendly online resource of authentic information. also effectively showcases the practice of Dr. Amir Nasir, who is a board certified plastic surgeon, providing cutting edge procedures through his private practice. Local patients can review the site to familiarize themselves with various aspects of the practice and to learn about a variety of innovative and advanced cosmetic treatment options. Lotus Cosmetic provides these procedures to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding locations.

About the Practice includes a prominent section providing information about what the practice stands for, what is its core philosophy, and what is the background of its lead surgeon Dr. Nasir. From the perspective of a new patient, learning about these aspects of the cosmetic surgery practice as well as knowing about the surgeon’s background is critical.

Relevant, accurate and transparent information enables a patient to make a well-considered decision about choosing the practice and evaluating their treatment options. Lotus Cosmetic lays equal emphasis on both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, and the patient receive detailed information about all such procedures on the site.

Focus on Personalized Care highlights the kind of personalized care and attention that a patient can expect to receive at the practice. It assures patients about the experienced staff members, led by an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir. The patient will receive support and guidance each step of the way, from an initial friendly consultation through the recovery phase and beyond.

The website describes Lotus Cosmetic as a specialized, boutique, community based surgery office with old values, but having state of the art technology for a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The website informs the commitment of the practice to personalized care, where every patient is considered as a part of the extended Lotus Cosmetic family.

Separate Section for SlimLipo Center includes a dedicated section for its SlimLipo Center, where Dr. Nasir performs innovative and advanced liposuction procedures. The section offers reassuring information for new patients who may be considering SlimLipo procedure to enhance body contours.

The section highlights the SlimLipo Center as one of the designated liposuction and fat transfer centers in Connecticut. Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas for SlimLipo and various other procedures.

Other Major Sections

The website includes comprehensive sections on various cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures offered at the practice. Procedures for the breast, body, face, and men’s procedures are discussed separately under various sub-sections. Visitors to the website can quickly find information on the specific procedure they may be looking for.

An in-depth section provides information about Dr. Amir Nasir, including his qualifications, training, certifications, and plastic surgery experience. New patients can review his credentials to feel more reassured about his skills and expertise in various plastic surgery procedures.

To learn more about plastic surgery procedures and non-invasive treatments performed by Dr. Nasir at Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut click here to contact us or call (203) 221-1919.

Dr. Nasir is a Cosmetic Surgeon in Fairfield County serving the towns of Westport and Fairfield locally as well as surrounding communities. We also serve patients from all over Connecticut, regionally, including many from New York City, as as well as international patients.

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