Questions to Ask Your Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon

Questions to Ask Your Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon | New Haven | WestportWhen a woman is considering breast lift cosmetic surgery procedure, it is a poignant idea for her to visit the practice website of the surgeon whom she may have short-listed for a consultation. This will give her an overview of the surgeon’s practice as well as what to expect during a breast lift procedure.

The patient should preferably spend some time to note down the questions she wants to ask during the consultation, and carry that list to the surgeon’s office. A well-informed candidate will have a more meaningful consultation process with the surgeon and can ask more relevant questions during this appointment.

Dr. Amir Nasir of Lotus Surgery CT is an amazing, cutting edge, and board certified plastic surgeon providing breast lift and various other surgical and non-surgical procedures to patients in New Haven, Westport, Fairfield County, Fairfield, Bridgeport, CT, New York, and other towns and neighborhoods in this region of the northeast.


Key Questions to Ask

A responsible surgeon will address the doubts and concerns of the patient in detail to their full satisfaction. However, wherever the patient is still unclear about any answers to their questions, she should feel free to ask a second time. The surgeon will make every effort to help the patient to make a well-considered choice about breast lift.

  • Are you board certified in plastic surgery?
  • How many years of surgical training have you received, and what is your experience in the field of plastic surgery?
  • Have you performed breast lift surgery previously, and what is your success rate?
  • Where would you perform the surgery – at a hospital or an accredited surgery center?
  • Do you think I am a monumental and suitable candidate for breast lift?
  • Will I need breast implants along with breast lift?
  • Will I be required to make any lifestyle and medication adjustments prior to the surgery?
  • What is the recovery period following breast lift, and is it going to be painful?
  • Will I be able to breastfeed in the future?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with breast lift that I should know of?
  • Will the scars show conspicuously after the full results are established?
  • Will I have the option for a revision surgery, in case I am unhappy with the cosmetic outcome of breast lift?
  • Which surgical technique would you recommend for breast lift in my case?
  • Can I review a few breast lift before and after photos?
  • Can I talk to one of your staff members or have a brief office tour to gain more familiarity with your office?
  • Would you provide testimonials of past patients who may have previously received breast lift surgery or other procedures?


Questions about Cost

The patient should feel free to ask questions related to the costs, insurance, and financing aspects of breast lift surgery. She should compare the costs in context of the skills of the operating surgeon, quality standards and services, personalized care offered at a practice, and then make a final decision.

This is about being transparent. Any righteous surgeon with integrity is going to want to be upfront with you and straightforward. It is not just about being cordial, they should be honest with you and answer your questions to the best of their ability. If you believe they are holding critical information back then you have the right to not go forward with this procedure but this is not the case with Dr. Nasir who is a highly accomplished and golden plastic surgeon and knows how to build trust with patients from all different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Make sure you have a list of questions you want to get answers to before you meet with this stellar surgeon who is a pillar of his community.


Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, Fairfield County, Fairfield, Bridgeport, CT, New York, and nearby areas for breast lift.

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