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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SlimStart SCULPT work?

This procedure is rapidly gaining popularity because of its many benefits. With SlimStart SCULPT not only do select patients get all of the benefits and contouring of liposuction, but in addition, they have excess abdominal skin excised immediately after the liposuction! This safe body enhancement procedure is done under local anesthesia and results in permanent fat reduction as well as skin excision with minimal downtime. And the results are permanent!

What can SlimStart SCULPT do for me?

In addition to permanently removing areas of unwanted fat, SlimStart SCUPLT gets rid of excess and sagging skin in the abdominal region and can create a flatter, sexier tummy. No drains. No general anesthesia. No hospital fees.

What areas does SlimStart SCULPT liposuction work on?

Although we can get great results with SlimStart liposuction to the chin, neck, breasts, abdomen, back, upper arms, pubis, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, ankles, male gynecomastia (male breasts), flanks, love handles and more, SlimStart SCULPT is designed for and works best for the tummy area on patients who have a BMI within an acceptable range.

What other procedures can SlimStart SCULPT be combined with?

SlimStart SCULPT is frequently combined with other minimally invasive body contouring procedures such, breast reduction for both females and males, as well as fat transfer to the breasts (natural breast augmentation), or liposuction to other parts of the body that require contouring.

Where does Dr. Nasir offer SlimStart SCULPT?

SlimStart SCUPLT is safely performed in-office at our location in Westport, Connecticut in Fairfield County towns. We are easy to get to and have free and convenient parking.

How can I get started with SlimStart SCULPT?

To get started with your procedure, schedule your consultation with Dr. Nasir at our Westport, CT office today.

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