What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation | Fairfield | Westport | BridgeportFat transfer breast augmentation is an innovative cosmetic surgery approach to increasing the size of the breasts without involving implants.

The goal of the surgeon in this procedure will be to use an appropriate technique to extract the purest and most viable fat tissue from donor areas of the patient for successful re-injection into the breasts. This can help to create more sustainable and natural looking outcomes.

The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure will involve three important stages, which include fat removal, fat process and fat re-injection. Some patients prefer this technique over implants because the results can be more natural looking, and the risk of implant failure is eliminated. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides fat transfer breast augmentation to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding communities and suburbs in this part of The Constitution State.


Fat Extraction

Tumescent liposuction technique is commonly used to extract the required amount of fat from sites with surplus fat. This liposuction plastic surgery technique can be performed using only local anesthesia and small incisions. A thin cannula will be inserted into the targeted site through the incision to dislodge the fat tissue and removed it with a suction pump or syringe attached to the other end of the cannula.

The surgeon will be able to extract the smallest fat particles with a thin cannula, which are ideal for fat grafting in the breasts. Typical donor sites for fat extraction include the buttocks, abdomen, back and thighs. Overall body contours can be improved as an incidental benefit of liposuction in areas of excess fat tissue.


Fat Processing

The fat collected through liposuction process will be carefully processed and purified applying techniques such as decanting and centrifugation. Only a part of the donor fat will be effective for re-injection in the breasts. Experienced plastic surgeons can normally utilize about 25 percent of the extract fat cells for transfer to the breasts.

The surgeon will aim to re-inject only the highest quality donor fat cells into the breasts for augmentation in order to create homogenous results. To extract sufficient amount of qualified fat, liposuction may sometimes be performed in multiple donor sites instead of just a single area.  


Fat Re-injection

Tiny injections with special cannulas will be used to transfer the pure fat to the targeted areas of the breasts. Small amounts of fat will be transferred to multiple areas of the breasts at varying depths. This will help create the highest permanent absorption rate. A correct injection technique must be adopted to produce more even and natural looking outcomes.

The increase in breast size will be in proportion to the amount of donor fat available for re-injection into each breast. Women who are looking to achieve a very large breast size may benefit more from implants, but moderate enhancement of breast size can be more effective with fat transfer breast augmentation.

The goal of the surgeon should be to create symmetrical and proportionate breasts, and not just increase their size. Profound and cutting edge cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir receives patients from New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas for fat transfer breast augmentation.

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