Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation | New Haven | Westport CTPre-op consultation is a vital part of the breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure. The surgical plan will be prepared on the basis of the consultation, and the procedure will be customized to suit the unique needs of the patient. The consultation also provides an opportunity for establishing a good rapport between the patient and the surgeon.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Nasir provides breast augmentation and various other procedures. Dr. Nasir will address the patient’s doubts and concerns and conduct a comprehensive consultation to ensure best outcomes. He provides breast augmentation to patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and surrounding communities.

Key Points to Discuss during Consultation

The patient should feel free to discuss several key points during the consultation process. Open and clear communication will help to have a productive consultation.

  • What about the shape or size of the breasts is bothering the patient, and what are her reasons to seek breast augmentation.
  • What are the patient’s expectations from the surgery, and what kind of results she may be looking for?
  • Information about any current medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical or surgical procedures.
  • List of prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal supplements and vitamins that she may be currently taking.
  • Any history of smoking, alcohol, and drug use.
  • Personal or family history of breast cancer.
  • Reports of previous biopsies or mammograms.

The surgeon will inform about the potential risks and complications involved in breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure to help the patient make a well-considered decision. She may be required to undergo a detailed breast exam, including measurements of the breast size and shape, skin type and degree of skin elasticity in the breasts, and the shape and position of the areolas and nipples.  

The surgeon may also take photographs of the breasts during the initial consultation for record purposes. Patients in New Haven, Westport, CT, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures from experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nasir.

Discussing the Options

The surgeon will educate the patient about various options related to breast augmentation surgery and help the patient make informed choices. Some of the important options that will be discussed and finalized during the consultation include:

  • Location of incisions
  • Placement of implants over the pectoral muscle or under the muscle
  • Choosing between silicone, saline, and ultra-cohesive breast implants
  • Round vs. anatomical shaped implants
  • Smooth vs. textured implants
  • Choosing the size of implants – from 120 cc to 960 cc

Developing Expectations

During the consultation, the surgeon may present breast augmentation before and after photos of previous patients. The patient should review as many photos as possible to understand what the surgery can or cannot do for her and form realistic expectations.

The patient may also request for testimonials of past patients who have shared their experience of breast augmentation surgery with the plastic surgeon. Prior to the consultation, the patient may also go through the surgeon’s website to learn more about the practice and the breast augmentation procedure.

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